Community Drives

ANZA is a social network for all international expats living in Beijing, to meet, chat and make new friends in our “home away from home”. We also get together to help our local community and from time to time we will ask members to contribute to small projects that will assist disadvantaged people in our local community and beyond.

Our latest Community Drives


Mother’s Day Pamper Packs

Each year, in the lead up to Mother’s Day, ANZA asks its members to donate small bottles of toiletries and other personal hygiene products for our Mother’s Day Pamper Packs community drive.Through the donations made, the ANZA committee puts together pamper packs to give to the hardworking nannies at the medical foster homes and orphanages that ANZA supports.

These women are like a mother to the babies in the homes around the clock so our pamper packs are just a small way of saying thank you for their dedication to these children.

The packs consisted of shampoos, body lotions, toothbrushes, soaps and other items which, while only small, make a huge difference to these women and help to brighten up their day. 

The nannies are so thrilled and grateful for the kindness shown by ANZA members.


Travel Heart - Community Drive

“Return with Love”

In 2015 ANZA Beijing launched “Return with Love”, a campaign highlighting the needs of the medical foster homes and charities we support. We’d like to say “thank you” to everyone who contributed – the response was fabulous and we’re doing it again in 2016!

These homes are in constant need of supplies to enable them to do their wonderful work in caring for children with serious and life threatening medical conditions.

Each of these organisation’s websites feature information on how we can help and what supplies to bring them. For example, Hope Healing Home is happy to receive nappies/diapers and baby formula as well as staples such as rice and cooking oil.

As a group we can help.

We ask all ANZA Beijing Members to “Return with Love” from holidays and trips back home with a supply of hard-to-get or expensive items for these medical foster homes. If you cannot fit a few items into your bag, the Charities will still gratefully accept locally sourced items.

Visit each website and see what they need.

It could be as simple as getting some toothbrushes and toothpaste, but it all makes a difference in easing the running costs for these homes.

Chunmiao Little Flower

Hope Foster Home         


Blue Sky Healing Home

Morning Star Foundation     Current needs: diapers, wipes & high calorie formula

Tell us about your experiences with helping these homes with their supplies and give other ANZA members ideas about what they can do. We can feature these stories throughout the year in the ANZA newsletter. Email

Thank you for your support of “Return with Love”.


“Hands of Hope” Christmas Tree

At ANZA’s Christmas Morning Tea, members are asked to donate a pair of gloves to our “Hands of Hope” Christmas Tree.

Each pair of donated gloves was hung on the Christmas Tree and by the end of the morning tea we had a tree full of winter gloves ready to be packaged and sent, via ANZA’s charity contacts, to people in need in regional China.

Thank you to everyone who contribute to our “Hands of Hope” Christmas Tree (pictured here – yes, there is a tree under there!).


Hands of Hope