Great Wall Dinner Recipients

The annual ANZA Great Wall Dinner began back in 2006 and quickly became established as a premier black-tie event on the expat calendar. Held on the Great Wall of China, it was truly a unique experience that brought together ANZA members and guests for a fantastic night of entertainment.

It was also ANZA's biggest charity event of the year.

Every year the ANZA committee identified children in local orphanages and foster homes who were in need of life-changing surgeries. Through funds raised in the Great Wall Dinner raffle, with thanks to the generosity of sponsors and members, ANZA was able to provide money to enable these surgeries to go ahead and give these children hope for a brighter future. 

We would like you to meet the beautiful children we have helped with the funds raised at our 

ANZA Great Wall Dinners








MILO (GWD 2016)











Guan Qian 



 Yue Fu Song 




YU CHENG - GWD 2014 









MOSES - GWD 2013



LILY - GWD 2013



XI MAN - GWD 2012

Great Wall Dinner 2016

Kenzli (Dang Yi Xiu) has been at New Hope Foster Home since 2013, arriving at just 2 months old.

She was diagnosed with bilary atresia, and had some initial surgeries and treatment but finally underwent a liver transplant in December 2014.

She recovered well but still needs to return to the hospital for frequent check-ups, occasional short term stays and requires very expensive medications and careful monitoring.

Despite the fact that she can’t have a lot of interaction with those outside, she has always been keen to get out and explore.  Sadly, she can’t; she must stay inside.  She has a bubbly personality and is absolutely the leader of the pack in her nursery.

ANZA has provided funding for those monthly medication costs for a year now and we were very pleased to be able to commit to do so for another 6 months while she waited to have her file matched with a family and move on with her life.

Gaines was also at New Hope Foster Home and had a liver transplant in autumn 2015.
He required the same medications and care as Kenzli and we were so happy to be able to fund these costs for him for a 6 month period.
Let’s hope he will be getting adoption papers soon and be on his way to a loving family.

Chen Meng, from Hubei province, is 9 years old.  In October 2015 she was in a van with her immediate family when it hit a tree at high speed gravely injuring 5 of the 7 passengers; her father lost his leg, her mother and sister had broken bones and her brother a skull fracture. She and her Grandma were in comas due to serious head injuries. 

With no breadwinners, this family’s financial situation became very dire. All but Chen Meng have now checked out of hospital so they can concentrate their resources on her care. Despite help from relatives and friends, Chen Meng’s continuing treatment costs cannot be met.  She is fighting hard and has made great progress, gaining muscle control and slowly starting to walk.  It would be wonderful to send brave Chen Meng home to a healthy future with her loving family.

Milo  This stoic, serious little fellow was newly arrived at a local orphanage at 14 months old. His heart has very complicated defects. He is also awaiting his second procedure to help his heart function and to protect his lungs from pulmonary hypertension. 

Milo has been through so much already and he will still need more surgery once he is adopted.  We would love to bring a smile to his face by helping him to find a forever family once this surgery is completed, to give him hope to match his courage.

You Ruo Fen  Known also as Ellie Hope, this precious girl is curious and loves going for walks outside in the stroller. Sadly, due to her very complicated heart problems, she is weak and is still not crawling or walking even though she’s 15 months old. 

This year we hope to fund Ellie Hope’s second surgery, which is expected to fully repair her heart so she can learn to walk and run and satisfy her curiosity in a new home with a new family.

Zhao An Zhi is 9 months old and in his short life he has already had major heart surgery. Now we can help him…he needs two additional surgeries to correct his gastrointestinal issues; anal atresia and a colostomy removal. 

Then this happy little chap can be smiling his way into the hearts of a family of his own.


This is beautiful Shalom, one of our 2015 Great Wall Dinner recipients.  Her heart had such complicated defects. ANZA funded her surgery and she recovered beautifully.  She was ready to face the next big step…finding a loving family.  In early April 2016 a very excited young couple arrived in China and she was gratefully given into the arms of her new Mum.  So now Shalom is Shiloh. Now Shiloh has a forever family.

Now Shiloh has gone from being an orphan with a very damaged, imperfect heart to being loved and welcomed by her new forever family in Canada with so much hope to come…   We are so happy for her!



Great Wall Dinner 2015

Ruby (Shao Mei) is described as “Absolutely precious” by the carers at Morning Star Foster Home. This beautiful little 14 month old orphaned girl has the sweetest personality, but her heart is very complicated. 
She has a congenital heart defect (hypoplastic right heart syndrome) and she desperately needs surgery to continue to grow and thrive in readiness for adoption and further treatment. Ruby will have this stage-one surgery as soon as possible so she can have a chance at a better life.

Gong Haihan, 2 years old, is from a poor village in Hebei Province. Late last year, he suffered a horrific accident which left him with 2nd and 3rd degree burns to more than 60% body. His family, already desperately poor, rushed him to the local hospital, where they spent all their money and borrowed more to save him. The doctor recommended a transfer to Beijing which the family has done, but they come to the big city with nothing other than their love and determination not to give up on their son. He has already had much skin grafting that has now enabled him to be able to stand, but as yet, he is still unable to walk, and his right arm is badly scarred.  He now needs surgery and skin grafting on his and arm and further rehabilitiation so that one one day Gong Haihan will walk and play again.

Guan Qian is a happy and smart 18-month-old boy sent to China Little Flower from an orphanage in Shanxi province. He arrived as a four-month old in critical condition, born with a severe heart defect (pulmonary atresia) and hypothyroidism. Surgical repair to his heart has needed to be planned in several stages. He had first stage surgery (a B-T shunt) a year ago and the surgeon now believes he can do a full repair for him once his weight is between 10 to 12 kg. He is close to 10 kg now. Imagine that. Guan Qian happy AND healthy.

Wen Qiang is a 22 month old boy who was sent to China Little Flower from an orphanage in Shanxi province when he was about 6 weeks old. He was born with spina bifida and anal atresia. He has already had several surgeries including surgery to fix spina bifida, colostomy surgery and anal reconstruction surgery. He is a happy cute boy who is running around now. The only part that bothers him is the colostomy bag. He is almost ready to go for surgery to close the colostomy; once that is done he will be all done with his colostomy bag! 

Yue Fu Song has recently arrived at Blue Sky Healing Home from another orphanage. He was initially very lethargic and unresponsive but with the loving care and attention he has received, he is greatly improved and reacting positively to stimuli. He is only 18 months old and has what is commonly known as club feet, a relatively easily correctible surgical procedure. Yue has had his general health assessed and is expected to respond well once he is stronger and ready for this surgery and physical therapy rehabilitation.

Kenzli, (Dang Yi Xiu), an orphaned 18 month old was admitted into the care of New Hope Foster Home in 2013 at just 2 months old. She was diagnosed with Bilary Atresia, a condition which affects the liver. She was able to have a needed surgery shortly after being admitted but came to a point where she became very sick and required a liver transplant in order to survive. We are grateful that in December 2014 she was able to have liver transplant surgery in Tianjin.  She is currently recovering well in New Hope’s Beijing home but needs to return to the hospital for frequent check-ups. To date, she has needed to be hospitalized on a few occasions since her surgery and requires very expensive medications. Thanks to the generosity of our 10th Annual Great Wall Dinner guests, we are able to provide much needed funding for post-transplant, anti-rejection medications until she finds her forever family, or for a total period of one year, whichever comes first.


Great Wall Dinner 2014

Yu Cheng adorable 3 month old who loves to be held and has the cutest dimple when he smiles.  He is suffering from a severe congenital heart defect which requires surgery.  ANZA raised the full amount to fund his surgery, so when he is strong enough doctors will perform this life saving surgery.

Jiang Han is a 9 year old girl.  She and her family are from a very poor part of Hebei Province.  In 2012, Jiang was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocyte leukaemia.  After months of expensive treatment, it was clear she must undergo a bone marrow transplant.  Thanks to Roundabout who have funded this procedure.  ANZA successfully raised funds at the Great Wall Dinner to pay for the critical post-surgical care she will need in an isolation room to ensure her body does not reject the transplant. ANZA is currently assessing additional children in need of medical care, with additional funds raised thanks to the generosity of our Sponsors and attendees at this year’s very successful event.  Thank you to all who contributed.


Great Wall Dinner 2013

Huang Hui was a premmie with a serious heart condition, needing emergency surgery should she go into heart failure. Under the loving care of staff at China Little Flower, Huang Hui is stable and gaining weight and strength. Thankfully she has not yet required the emergency surgery. She has also increased her weight from 1.4kg to a fabulous 4.5 kg and so this week, now that she is stronger, she is scheduled to have appointments with doctors to make her surgery plan. Thanks to ANZA’s funds, this surgery will be able to go ahead when she is medically ready. She is still not able to eat on her own, so she is tube fed and growing well. Just look at the difference.

Song Zihan - This sweet 6-year-old boy who has Leukemia is fighting hard. Doctors report he is doing well with his chemotherapy and are awaiting news of a bone marrow transplant to be scheduled. ANZA was able to offer a sizeable donation helping in his ongoing treatments, but more funds are still required. The wonderful Roundabout Charity organisation, located in Shunyi, is working hard to raise more money. Song Zihan comes from a poor family from Xinjiang autonomous region who have no money left for his treatment. Imagine the despair that his parents watching their child with no way to help him. Please remember to shop and support Roundabout as this money goes directly to children like Song Zihan.

Julia Grace - The United Foundation for Children’s Health has reported that Julia has had her oral surgery to connect her ear, nose and throat defect and it was a great success. Here is what her Nanny has to say about her. Julia Grace is in good health and a bit taller than children of the same age. She has made great progress this month. She is a sunny child who is well behaved. Since she is teething right now, her favourite toy is a small plastic toy, that fits in her mouth and she can chew on. I am very excited to report her teething is not keeping her up at night so she is sleeping very well. Julia Grace is now growing stronger, and we hope that she is linked with a forever family soon and lives a very happy and healthy life.

Ruose Guo - The United Family for Children’s Health has advised that he has had the first of his two surgeries to correct his cleft lip and palate. His first surgery went very well and he is continuing to grow stronger to enable him to undergo his final surgery in about 12 moths time. After that, he will also be a candidate for adoption and we hope that he continues to do well.

Baby Moses - Introducing Baby Moses, who came to us with an urgent case via Morning Star Foster Home. His orphanage notes said he was seven months old, but when ANZA’s Vice President Jody Sandral visited him, he was so tiny and frail, he only looked three months old. He was suffering a very high pulmonary hypertension so required immediate heart surgery. Thanks to ANZA’s additional funds from the Great Wall Dinner, this could be done with great success and today he is fattening up nicely. Moses is the most adorable little boy. He will still require further surgery when he is stronger.

Wang Bo Li - We would also like to introduce Wang Bo Li, a 15-year-old boy who is in the care of an aunt who does not have the means to pay for his treatment as he is suffering kidney failure. With no medical safety net, Roundabout is working hard to raise enough funds for the transplant. ANZA was able to make a sizeable donation to ensure he can receive ongoing dialysis. He is currently on a waiting list for a suitable kidney match. This boy has a big enough heart. Even though he has failing kidneys and is ill, when he can he comes to Roundabout to help volunteer by working in the store.

Lily – Morning Star Baby Home is a serious, but adorable little girl once she earns your trust.  She required heart surgery when she was just 6 months old to repair her broken heart.  She spent a long time in ICU, but am happy to say, she is growing stronger, and getting into mischief and as cute as ever.


Great Wall Dinner 2012

Selah - Morning Star Medical Foster home came to us with an urgent case when she was in ICU with a severe cardiac disease. She had TOF (Tetralogy of Fallout) and a closing PDA (patient ductus arteriosis). She was just 4-four months old, when she received a temporary repair surgery funded by ANZA’s 2012 Great Wall Dinner funds that would enable her to gain strength for the major heart surgery when she was a year old.  On our visit to see her, she was growing well and is cute as a button.   She was adopted by her Forever family in May 2014, and have been blessed to see photos of her with her wonderful new family and we wish her all the best.

Xi Man at China Little Flower orphanage was diagnosed with cancer in his right eye and underwent surgery.  Doctors were hopeful they had removed all the cancer.   ANZA raised money through the 2012 Great Wall Dinner to fund his chemotherapy treatments.  Sadly after just a few months, his cancer had spread to his brain, and his left leg.  He was switched to radiotherapy treatments, but he continued to deteriorate.  Sadly he passed away on 15 November 2012.  He had turned two five days earlier.  Thank you to all who donated. You gave this little boy the best possible chance in a loving and caring environment.

Yuan Bo was born with a severely abnormal esophagus and trachea.  ANZA raised money through the 2012 Great Wall Dinner to fund his corrective surgery.  Sadly, due to complications with pneumonia, he continued to deteriorate and passed away a few weeks later. We feel glad we were able to give him a fighting chance, and a loving environment during his short life.  Rest in peace little man.


Please remember to support the ongoing work of Roundabout, perhaps volunteer some of your time, shop in the store or donate unwanted goods or cash. To find out more visit their website,








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