Melbourne Cup Charity Luncheon Recipients

ANZA's annual Melbourne Cup Luncheon was in keeping with the Australian tradition of celebrating this famous horse race. The luncheon provided ANZA members and guests with a great day of fun, food and fashion...oh, and let's not forget some horses to watch!

It was always a big day for charity as well, with all the money raised on the day going to children in need of life-changing surgeries. Each year the ANZA committee pledged money towards helping these children and worked closely with local charities and foster homes to ensure these children got the help they needed.

And it is all thanks to the generosity of our ANZA members and sponsors, who opened their hearts and wallets on the day to help ANZA meet its pledge. It's a wonderful team effort! 

We would like you to meet the children we have helped through our

Melbourne Cup Luncheons



TRENT - MC 2016


Wang Qi Hang



Luo Li

LUO LI - MC 2014






ISSAC - MC 2014



RACHEL - MC 2013



WEN HUA - MC 2013






RUTH - MC 2011

Melbourne Cup 2016

Trent is a happy little chap from Henan Province.
This gorgeous boy was orphaned at an early age and now, at 10 months, he was awaiting a complicated procedure for his congenital heart disease.
Despite this condition, he is always smiling and trying to get around on his own.
The funds raised meant he had his operation in December at a hospital in Hangzhou. He was then 12 months old and one step closer to finding his forever family.

Through your support, we made this happen!


Adorable Gao Xiao Xuan was born in May with a cleft lip and palate.  His orphanage in Shanxi sent him to Beijing for special care and surgery.
As you can see in the photo he is happy, growing and thriving at his medical foster home and was ready for his first phase lip surgery in December 2016 at Beijing 201 Hospital.
We then helped him get started by making his smile even more beautiful and preparing him for further surgery for his cleft palate.


Wang Liang is a beautiful little girl from a remote village in Gansu province who is absolutely adored by her extended family.
They are very poor and 4 generations live under one roof.  When she became gravely ill her father walked 4 hours to the nearest bus stop and took her on a 2 hour bus ride to the county medical facility.
She had pneumonia, toxic encephalopathy and hydrocephalus and was not able to be treated there so her parents have put themselves deeply into debt to bring her to Beijing Children’s Hospital.
The money we raised can fund her smooth recovery and bring enormous happiness to a loving family.

Melbourne Cup 2015

Wang Qi Hang’s young life changed forever when he was struck by a car, causing him serious brain damage. Treatment costs spiraled, bankrupting Wang Qi Hang’s family and also the driver of the car who stayed to help. Wang and his family courageously battled on despite these obstacles until he needed a final surgery to relieve the fluid on the brain. We have raised the full amount to make this happen and give Wang Qi Hang a new start in life; a chance to go home and be a big brother to his Mum’s new baby, born the day before the Melbourne Cup. He and his family are so grateful. Thank you.

Wang Qi Hang continues to do very well and he will start back at school after the 2016 summer.

Cheng Lei is a precious little boy in a local medical orphanage with complex heart defects. Due to the amazing generosity of our members and guests at Melbourne Cup 2015, he has now successfully undergone his second crucial surgery (Glenn Procedure) to mend this broken heart and is stable and doing well. He was expected to go back to his orphanage in Henan but luckily he has been able to remain at China Little Flower and will most likely be scheduled for his next heart surgery in late spring or early summer 2016.
He’s a smiley little guy who is crawling up a storm and will soon be walking.

Qin Wen Meng   The best news is that the lucky third baby to be sponsored through the 2015 Melbourne Cup event , tiny little fighter Qin Wen Meng, no longer needs heart surgery.

As she fed well and grew the holes in her heart closed on their own, so now they are
small enough to not require any medical intervention and will most probably close completely.

In early 2016, She returned to her orphanage and is having her paperwork prepared for adoption.

So, another ANZA baby at China Little Flower, tiny preemie Feng Guang Die, whose urgent heart surgery was partially funded by us after the Great Wall Dinner in 2015, has been in hospital desperately in need of an operation to resolve serious gastro-intestinal issues.

The doctors were almost ready to give up on her due to mounting costs, but ANZA committee members elected to transfer the funds raised for Qin Wen Meng to pay for Feng’s surgery.

In March 2016, we are happy to report that though she is still under observation in the ICU, she is stable and is expected back at China Little Flower in the next month or so.


Melbourne Cup 2014

Zhen Nian was one of our beautiful babies that received sponsorship from the ANZA Melbourne Cup 2014.  Sadly, after two operations she passed away in March 2015 of unexpected complications following her heart surgery.

The balance of unused funds for Zhen Nian provided by ANZA went to help another little sweetie, Luo Li to pay for her heart surgery.  Both surgery and recovery went smoothly and she was doing very well and she returned to her orphanage.  In June 2015 she returned to China Little Flower in Beijing to investigate why she was failing to gain weight or grow.  Since her return, she did very well and has been to many specialists to see if she might have other medical issues, aside from cleft palate. It was discovered that she did have an abnormal growth in one of her lungs and had a successful surgery to remove it in October 2015.  She continues to thrive. 

Zheng Min Bo - is the most adorable nine month old little boy and is currently at Hope Healing Home. He requires surgery for a cardiac defect.

Isaac - is an eight month old adorable little boy and he is currently living at Morning Star Baby Home in Beijing.  Isaac came to us as an urgent case after Melbourne Cup, to repair a cardiac defect.  Thanks to the generous donations of ANZA guests and sponsors at our event, ANZA was pleased to be able to make funds available for his life saving surgery.  


Melbourne Cup 2013

Rachel – ANZA was already familiar with this beautiful little girl, when we funded her first surgery in 2012.  She was then strong enough to undergo her 2nd surgery for a full repair.  It was a very risky surgery, but she has come through with flying colours and is now back at Morning Star and growing stronger awaiting her forever family.

Eli – Morning Star Baby Home is the most adorable little boy who suffers from Downs Syndrome, a serious heart defect and a medical issue that was baffling doctors, as he has spent more time in hospital than out in his short life.  ANZA had additional funds thanks to generous supporters of our 2013 Melbourne Cup event that we were able to fund his urgent heart surgery.  He is now doing much better, and growing stronger.

Wen Hua – from China Little Flower medical foster home, she was suffering a complex heart defect, but thanks to funding provided by ANZA towards her heart surgery she is doing well, and growing strong with the cutest smile.

Feng Le – lives in a medical foster home in Beijing, and was born with Hypospadia, a deformity of the genital area.  Surgery was conducted to correct this to return his body to function properly.  The surgery went well, and he is now home and recovering.  He will be assessed in the coming months to see if he requires a second surgery.


Melbourne Cup 2012

Rachel Morning Star Orphanage received full funding from the 2012 ANZA Melbourne Cup.  She has had her surgery, was in ICU for a few days, but is now back at the Foster Home where she is growing stronger.  The visible difference is amazing, purple complexion and blue lips before the surgery, and now rosy cheeks, and a pink rose bud mouth.  She will require a further surgery when she is older, but for now she is out of danger.

Meng Cai Xu – The sweet 12 year old from Guizhou Province sadly passed away on 18th January.  ANZA raised funds through the 2012 Melbourne Cup for her to undergo a much-needed liver transplant over Christmas, but sadly, her body was very weak after such a long illness.  Our thoughts are with her parents who have seen their daughter endure so much, and have now lost their child.  Rest in peace little Meng Cai Xiu.


Melbourne Cup 2011

Charlie – Charlie was a sweet little toddler, when sadly he was badly burned by boiling water across his face and chest in an accident in his family home.  ANZA was made aware of his expensive treatments to save his life, and we are thrilled to say that he has recovered well, and thanks to the excellent medical care he received his scarring is greatly reduced and he is now doing very well.  He visited our Easter morning tea in April 2012 with his very grateful mum.

Little Miss Ruth had a very complicated heart disease and was in a critical condition during Chinese New Year 2012. ANZA had funds available from the November 2011 Melbourne Cup, so was able to provide financial support for her urgent surgery.  She received full corrective surgery, and has fully recovered. She was adopted by her forever family in April 2013, and we have been blessed to see adorable photos of her.  She has the most infectious smile and is always so happy.


ANZA Charity

We will continue to raise funds for life saving surgeries to try to save the very sick and weak, as we feel everybody should have the chance to receive care, and to feel loved.

Thank you for supporting our fundraising events.









Cheng Lei



Qin Wen Meng



Guang Die







ELI - MC 2013



 FENG LE - MC 2013


Rachel MC 2012

RACHEL - MC 2012



 CHARLIE - MC 2011